gilbertzhegreat said: I suppose I could see how she might mistake Niklaus for her lover then, but I'm pretty sure her lover wasn't anywhere near as bad to her as Niklaus is currently

I didn’t know their relationship very well, but I heard enough horror stories about the man to think that Niklaus isn’t too far off.. *she kinda felt bad for saying so* I’m sure he was good to her though… *she rubbed her blind eye and stretched her arms*… How long do you think before my first… umm.. you know…

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gilbertzhegreat said: Augh, laughing disease, so he ate humans I take it? Perhaps something messed up?

ooooh yes. Full on cannibal. *shivers* did not want to catch him in a bad mood, or when he was… hungry.. though, the horror stories of him stopped quite a while before his death

gilbertzhegreat said: That actually sounds kind of nice, but how did he die without coming back then? I don't get it

If you die from something other than being killed, respawn has a very difficult time bringing the body back.. Sigmund died from disease… Kuru I think. Or if the chip is taken away, or shut off.¬†

gilbertzhegreat said: That is rather odd, but then again to me your entire war zone is odd, I've heard stories that you guys can come back from the living using some weird system chip thing, of course I will help get her out!

YEah, the warzone is rigged. Everyone just dies over and over again without really dying…. it’s… actually fun sometimes.. but that is aside the point.

gilbertzhegreat said: I've often come in to see her talking about a "Sigmund" *He sighs* He's definitely abusing her, and she still seems to "love" him despite it

… yeah, that’s him… Weird though, I swear I… I think he is alive. ¬†Yesterday I think I saw him walking around base, god he looked creepy… snapping his jaw every time he saw someone. I am almost positive it was him… but there was a notice that went out.. It said he died… just.. confusing… Damn„ she needs to get the hell out of here. Promise me you will help.

gilbertzhegreat said: A blessing in hell, maybe I'm going to get you ALL out, none of you deserve this abuse, you all seem like really friendly mercenaries, although I do think your redheaded friend does need some therapy, but from a real doctor, not Niklaus

I can only imagine… I don’t know them all that well, but I would like to… I mean, their husband just died… and.. Niklaus looks like his fricken identical twin.. If he is abusing her then that is going to leave.. deep mental scarring..

gilbertzhegreat said: Oh, right, sorry! I understand exactly why you wouldn't *He sighed* I promise that I'll find a way to get you out, somehow

Why not work on trying to get the people who have been here longer than me out first. They have seen more, I am sure… And thank you.. so much. You are a blessing.

gilbertzhegreat said: You will, I was cleaning up some skin he peeled off one girl earlier *He cringes at the thought* And he mentioned to me earlier something about "hanging" someone, but I know he would never let them go "that easily" *He shudder* I really don't want to know what he means by that

Not to sound.. uuh.. mean, but I would rather not hear this… what happens.. will happen. *she took a deep breath and ran her fingers through her short hair*¬†

gilbertzhegreat said: I do this with most, he doesn't torture all the patients, contrary to popular belief, but he does torture the people that are stuck in these back cells, so I usually drug them up in the morning if I have a chance, don't worry, he usually is good with keeping them alive, although that's not always a good thing, now is it?

*Oh I am gonna be sick to my stomach…* *Micheal gently heald her stomach* Nice.. nice to know.. thanks for the heads up I guess.. And I am sure I will be thanking you for drugs down the road..